Marslan Corporate

    Our company, which has gained a successful place in the Automotive Sector with 20 years of experience, was established in 1993 as MEHMET ARSLAN OTOMOTİV SANAYİ TİCARET LTD.ŞTİ. As the dealer of world-leading manufacturers, we market the best and quality products to service and spare parts dealers with a nationwide distribution network.

    Our main goal is to work with the professionalism befitting the name of our company by providing integration in the international platform in the sector. We are constantly working to reach our goals with our competent, experienced staff and technological investments.

Our shipments are made on time with vehicles belonging to our company in Konya and through reliable transportation companies outside Konya. We are determined to continuously improve our product range, quality and services with our experienced, professional, contemporary and dynamic structure.

We aim to do what we can do better than what we have done so far.